Our Vision

To revolutionize the research industry by seamlessly integrating modern data technologies with survey data, empowering every user to unlock groundbreaking insights effortlessly.

Our mission

To pioneer in the field of survey data technology, we dedicate ourselves to developing and deploying cutting-edge data engineering and visualization solutions. Our mission is to simplify the complexities inherent in survey data, turning intricate challenges into scalable, repeatable solutions. By doing so, we empower our clients to shift their focus from overcoming data hurdles to unlocking valuable insights. We commit to delivering excellence in innovation and usability, ensuring that the transformative power of survey insights is accessible to everyone, from industry experts to everyday users. Our approach is grounded in the principles of knowledge, reliability, and customer-centric problem-solving, fostering a landscape where data-driven discoveries are not just possible but effortless.

Our values

Independent and Honest

Maintaining our independence, we commit to transparency, integrity, and fairness in every aspect of our work. Our honesty is the cornerstone of our relationships and decision-making.

Trusted Advisors

We aspire to be more than service providers; we aim to be trusted advisors. This is achieved by consistently applying best practices, delivering on commitments, actively listening to our clients’ needs, and providing unbiased, well-informed opinions.

Intellectually Curious

Our passion for learning drives us. We delve beyond the surface, embracing challenges as opportunities to innovate and grow. We constantly seek new knowledge and ways to apply it, ensuring our solutions are at the forefront of technological advancement.

Be Dispensable

We empower our clients not just with solutions but with knowledge and skills. Our goal is to make ourselves dispensable, enabling clients to become self-reliant and take full ownership of the tools and insights we provide.

Ethical and Community-Oriented

Our commitment extends beyond business objectives to ethical practices and community support. We are devoted to making a positive impact, from local initiatives to our pledge for Net Zero by 2026, ensuring our business contributes to a better world.

Andrew Le Breuilly
Arrowstream, Founder

Andrew Le Breuilly

Andrew has over 15 years of experience working in Data Visualisation and Market Research. He is a certified Tableau Desktop Professional and has delivered 200+ Tableau dashboards for clients in the past 4 years. He holds the Market Research Advanced Certificate and has a passion for delivering high quality, visually appealing survey analysis. 

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Andrew Le Breuilly, Founder
Melanie Le Breuilly
Arrowstream, Director

Melanie Le Breuilly

Melanie has 9 years of experience as Management Consultant in the Decision Sciences department of PA Consulting Group. .

Her noteworthy experience is that she provided the project management support and data analysis of a CEO-level stakeholder survey on managing uncertainty. The results were incorporated into a book endorsed by the Economist.

Outside of survey analysis, Melanie is a classical violinist and pianist and locally she is the Chair and Musical Director of the Reading Youth Orchestra.

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Melanie Le Breuilly, Director