ASC conference 2021

(Re) Building Bridges: Connecting survey data to the wider world

The ASC conference is back in November and here at Arrowstream we cannot wait. 

Despite this being Arrowstream’s first ever conference, we do have a bit of a past with the ASC.

Back in 2018, I was working for Kynetec, a market research company specialising in Animal Health and Crop Protection research. We entered our content delivery platform called MyKynetec for the ASC MRS Award for best technology innovation and won.

The judges stated they were especially impressed with the system’s clear and systematic approach to the visual representation of complex and diverse data.


More details, including a lovely picture of Shahbaz Hafeez and I picking up the award, can be found here.  

ASC/MRS Award for Best Technology Innovation and Effectiveness 2018

Then at the 2019 ASC conference, I gave a well-received keynote presentation titled “Don’t be blinded by new data visualisation software”. The keynote spoke about the importance of design and the processes that go into delivering a good dashboard. All too often software vendors sell their products stating that it will solve all their problems. In our experience, the software platform only delivers the technology, you still need the expertise to make it work effectively. 

The conference in November has a collection of topics that we are really looking forward to. Most notably the update regarding the TSAPI which is the new Triple S API which is being launched at the conference. I can’t help but feel that this will make a huge difference to the availability of survey data to business intelligence solutions. 



“Don’t be blinded by new Data Visualisation Software”

Slides from the presentation are here


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