The Interrogator

Visually extract the insights from your survey data

What is an interrogator dashboard?

An Interrogator Dashboard will allow you to visualise and explore your survey data fast, accurately and intuitively at any level of granularity you need. Take a deep-dive into a specific area of interest, compare across multiple filters or see a high-level overview – all in one intuitive layout.

No two surveys are the same and nor are our dashboards. However our agile and modular methodology allows us to create your dashboard in days.

An interrogator dashboard can also be built whilst the fieldwork is still happening so that when data collection is complete you can get the results straight away. 

Prepare the data

  • Survey data is messy so the first thing we do is restructure it to make it easier to work with
  • No two surveys are the same, and we review each one carefully and apply tried and tested techniques to massage the data into a workable and scalable format
  • We make the steps repeatable so that when new data arrives we can work with it right away
  • Our dashboards work with raw data so you don’t need to pre-aggregate your data beforehand
  • Blend data from other data sources such as sales or benchmarking targets. 

Visualise the data

  • We’ll advise on and apply the most appropriate visualisations to the data
  • We allow the charts to be interactive – if you want to know more about a metric then just click it
  • As experts in Tableau we make use of the latest visualisation technology
  • Visualisation is subjective. We’ll have regular check-ins to iterate on the best possible designs for your data.

Add customisation

  • Apply any branding to the dashboard
  • Bespoke charts created as required
  • Pre-define filters, column breaks, and also allow the ability to compare different cohorts of your survey respondents
  • Apply the things you’d expect in a market research dashboard such as minimum base sizes, significance testing, footnotes with sources, details on the methodology.

Share and explore

  • Integrate the dashboard either into your own Tableau Server or host on ours
  • Alternatively use a desktop version for offline access to the dashboard. 
  • All guidance on how to use the dashboard is contained within it making it easier to share
  • Add the ability to view from a smart phone
  • Add the ability to download to Excel, PDF or Powerpoint.