The Tracker

Visually identify the changes in your research

What is a tracker dashboard?

A Tracker dashboard is ideal for the types of research that you need to run again and again to see how performance indicators change over time. Whether it is the annual staff survey, customer satisfaction study or brand health tracker these dashboards draw the user to what is new. 

The frequently forgotten key to a good tracker dashboard is ensuring that it is scalable. And by scalable, we mean being able to cope with change. 

Whilst trackers rely on the methodology to remain the same every time the study is run, in practice things do change. Changes could be renaming of variables due to a change in supplier, updates to code frames, inclusion or removal of questions, slight rewording of the question etc. In pure research this doesn’t happen; in real life, it does. 

Change happens so we build our tracker dashboards to embrace it. 

Prepare the data

  • Survey data is messy, so the first thing we do is restructure the data to give a solid foundation for building the dashboard 
  • When preparing the data, we identify the areas that are likely to change, for example brand lists or ad-hoc questions, and make it easy to change them
  • Our dashboards rely on the raw data so storing the data efficiently not only saves space but will allow the end-user to experience a fast dashboard
  • Blend data from other data sources such as sales or benchmarking targets. 

Visualise the data

  • In tracking data, we are looking for insights regarding change. What is emerging in the market and what is losing market share? How have opinions changed?
  • We’ll advise on and apply the most appropriate visualisations to the the data so that change in the market is easy to spot
  • We allow the charts to be interactive – if you want to know more about a metric then just click it
  • As experts in Tableau we make use of the latest visualisation technology
  • Visualisation is subjective. We’ll have regular check-ins to iterate on the best possible designs for your data.

Add customisation

  • Apply any branding to the dashboard
  • Bespoke charts created as required
  • Pre-define filters, column breaks, and also allow the ability to compare different cohorts of your survey respondents
  • Apply the things you’d expect in a market research dashboard such as minimum base sizes, significance testing, footnotes with sources, details on the methodology.

Share and explore

  • Integrate the dashboard either into your own Tableau Server or host on ours
  • Alternatively use a desktop version for offline access to the dashboard
  • All guidance on how to use the dashboard is contained with in it making it easier to share
  • Add the ability to view from a smart phone
  • Add the ability to download to Excel, PDF or Powerpoint.

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