Training courses

Empower Your Data Storytelling with Our Expert-Led Training CoursesUnlock the full potential of your data with Arrowstream’s comprehensive data visualization and dashboard design courses. At Arrowstream, we specialise in transforming complex data into compelling visual narratives. Our data visualisation training courses are tailored to equip you with the skills and tools to effectively communicate insights […]

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The Innovator

Innovator Dashboards What is an innovator dashboard? Technology moves fast, ideas move faster. At our heart, we just want you to be able to do your research better. If you have an idea, or want to see the innovations that we are experimenting on then let’s talk.  Examples of innovator dashboards that we have done

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The Tracker

The TrackerDashboard Visually identify the changes in your research What is a tracker dashboard? A Tracker dashboard is ideal for the types of research that you need to run again and again to see how performance indicators change over time. Whether it is the annual staff survey, customer satisfaction study or brand health tracker these

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The interrogator

The InterrogatorDashboard Visually extract the insights from your survey data What is an interrogator dashboard? An Interrogator Dashboard will allow you to visualise and explore your survey data fast, accurately and intuitively at any level of granularity you need. Take a deep-dive into a specific area of interest, compare across multiple filters or see a

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